3 good reasons to (re)discover Willy Rovelli, on stage, in Dubai.

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Just a year ago, the charismatic comedian, Willy Rovelli, took to the DUCTAC stage for the first time, in partnership with Culture Emulsion. Since then, the man who is difficult to describe, as he has so many hats to wear, has not skimped. Between a signing session for his collection of chronicles, in Paris; the writing of a second, more personal work; and the preparation of his 2nd date, in Dubai: we had the pleasure of being able to discuss (and a little laugh too) about his state of mind, his new projects, and especially on this new page to write… Save the date from November 23 at 8:00 p.m. We prowl again, at The Junction.

Not yet completely convinced? Here are our 3 reasons to applaud Willy:

1.  To discover a real showman!

Yes, Willy Rovelli, obviously it speaks to us, but it perhaps seems a little distant. Because we must admit, we no longer really follow the news or the TV. What we nevertheless remembered was that he lived in Dubai for half the year… and that he even survived the summer! Indeed, Willy now divides his time between Paris and the Emirates, and “that’s really the balance I’ve found.” he tells us. 

Since September 12, the release date of the collection of chronicles 

In 3 min I’m done ! in all bookstores in France (available at Culture & Co in Dubai), many fans came to meet the comedian: “The welcome was super warm, I am very lucky to have such a large and so faithful. I was pleasantly surprised by people’s enthusiasm for this first book, I really fell in love and it felt good! ” he says. It is true that Willy has already left his mark on several generations: from grandmothers to their grandchildren, he really knew how to touch the hearts of all French people! Willy first began by cutting his teeth on the air, as a columnist (RMC, France Inter, Europe 1) then as a host in his show C’est Midi c’est Willy on Europe 1, broadcast until the summer of 2017. At the same time, Willy remains a child of TV, since he has been present on screens since 2007, in several entertainment shows, and on various TV sets.But it was in 2008 that he took his steps on stage with his first one-man show Willy en grand; then Willy, even bigger, from 2014. Today, Willy’s new HQ is the kitchens of Ford Boyard, in which he cooks dishes, each one more disgusting than the last, for guests forced to sit there. to taste. We can say that little “Willy” has come a long way: “I did what I loved, I explored, but above all I followed through on my desires and my ideas.” he concludes.The publication of the top 50 of his best columns symbolizes the end of the columnist’s chapter, now far from the media whirlwind, the comedian is taking the time to mature new projects: “This opportunity to come to Dubai came at just the right time, I needed to take a step back. I wrote columns for 25 years… I wanted to move on to something else.” he confided to us a few months earlier.What could be better than a new horizon to get out of your comfort zone, and dare to start from scratch! We say Bravo and “Welcome to Dubai!” ”

2.  Because he cultivates self-deprecation better than anyone!

What we remember about Willy is, without hesitation, his sharp pen, always with current events in the background, which only he knows how to dissect. This is undeniably what made his columns successful for years on the radio.Today, with his new show On the prowl again, his talent is intact: he portrays portraits of characters, situations and experiences from his life, with a lot of irony. Everything comes together perfectly, from the French news stories to his Dubai anecdotes: Willy Rovelli weaves a show with the right tone, sometimes grating but always benevolent.“Those who were able to read between the lines understood that things were sometimes difficult for me.” Willy explains. Because it must be said, despite his efforts, he was quickly unmasked: behind the intrepid, super-energetic, almost hysterical character, hides the soul of a hypersensitive person oscillating with strength and fragility in the tumults of a life, which has not always been a gift to him.Quite modest about his personal life, Willy uses the stage as an outlet and does not hesitate to laugh at everything: “The limits are those of good taste and we set them ourselves.” he explained recently, during an interview for a French magazine.In 3 words: it’s funny, it’s raw, it’s cash…and it feels good, especially in Dubai!

3. Because he likes to take risks…

Do you know a lot of comedians who give up everything to start from scratch? Frankly, they can be counted on the finger of one hand. And on this point, we can only salute the humility of the comedian. “Here, I am nobody. I have everything to do, everything to build, but it’s a super exciting challenge! ” he explains.

Indeed, Dubai has arrived, at the right time. After saying goodbye to the radio, Willy needed to recharge his batteries in the sun. Finally, and somewhat by chance, he contacted Culture Emulsion, then quickly a partnership was created. Today Willy runs masterclasses for amateurs, in order to pass on to them his art of chronicling: “I love sharing what I have learned, my little secrets, through contact with very different people. They may have never done this, and we meet in this context, it’s very enriching for me.” he adds enthusiastically.

It is therefore with great authenticity that Willy confides in his anxiety “like that of a first time” before going on stage, and the desire to take on this new challenge, although not won in advance.

When asked the fateful question “Do you like Dubai?” ”, he answers us that “Yes, he loves this city and its emulsion” and its inevitable phenomenon of “attraction and repulsion”. For the rest, he invites us to go see his show.

Yes it’s true, a bit like Dubai, whether you like it or not, Willy certainly doesn’t leave you indifferent. Could this ultimately be the key to success?

Meet Willy for a special weekend!

– Friday November 23, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

For a column writing masterclass 

Venue: The junction Theatre, Alserkal Avenue

Price: 495 AED


Limited seats.

– Friday, November 23, at 8:00 p.m.

For the show On the prowl again

Venue: Venue: The junction Theatre, Alserkal Avenue

Please note: this show is for adults only.|

Price: 195 AED – 145 AED / subscriber rate.

– Saturday, November 24, from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.

For a signing session In 3 minutes I’m finished!

Location: Librairie Culture & Co, Oud Metha


For more information on these events, go to the website

Follow Willy on Instagram: @willy_rovelli_

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